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I Am The Beginning. IT is Me!

In chapter one, the mysteries behind John’s (Yochanan) vision are lost in translation. In Revelation 1:11, we find an omission on most English translations. This…

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Mishkan and Ohel Moed

The Tent of Meeting. The Place G-d Dwells With His People Thus was completed all the work of the Mishkan Tent of Meeting Exodus 39:32 Today,…

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RECOVERY – Hakhelamah

החלמה – IRF is devoted to healing, addiction recovery, and embracing Freedom and Liberty. As part of our fourfold call to minister to the community and…

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Shabbat is the foundation for the Observant Jewish Orthodoxy’s life and has been for millennia. Not only is Shabbat a Mitzva (commandment) to celebrate with…

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