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Revelation “Aleph and The Beginning”

When studying Revelation, it is vital to note that each chapter corresponds with the appropriate Hebrew letter. Therefore, there are 22 chapters in John’s vision and 22 Hebrew letters. If we are to fully grasp what many believe to be the mystery of Revelation, we must look to ‘The Beginning.’ In particular, we must examine the first Hebrew letter, Aleph  (א). In doing so, We will uncover forgotten treasures that are new again.

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I Am The Beginning. IT is Me!

In chapter one, the mysteries behind John’s (Yochanan) vision are lost in translation. In Revelation 1:11, we find an omission on most English translations. This subtraction from the original text has led to a misunderstanding of the intent and power of the narrative.

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Mishkan and Ohel Moed

The Tent of Meeting. The Place G-d Dwells With His People Thus was completed all the work of the Mishkan Tent of Meeting Exodus 39:32 Today,…

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RECOVERY – Hakhelamah

החלמה – IRF is devoted to healing, addiction recovery, and embracing Freedom and Liberty. As part of our fourfold call to minister to the community and…

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As you begin to study Hebrew, especially the alphabet, God has placed a corresponding meaning per letter.  In this case, we are talking about the Hebrew letter zayin. The 7th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, its root meaning, can be a bit deceiving. Zayin means sword or a sharp weapon. Many have compared it to a battleax or a sickle for a harvest. The mystery is found in the root, meaning sustenance as in food and the harvest. The Hebrew word mazon, מזון which means food, is found in the word, nourishment.

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Shabbat is the foundation for the Observant Jewish Orthodoxy’s life and has been for millennia. Not only is Shabbat a Mitzva (commandment) to celebrate with rest and in peace, but would it surprise you if I were to tell you that without Shabbat, WE COULD NOT HAVE THE FEASTS?

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