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MISHKAN Volume 1 Issue 2

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Join us as we explore the Hebrew Letter Alef. Journey with me as we uncover the mysteries behind the letter and Messiah Jesus’ statement in Matthew 5:17-18. See how the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, Alef, applies to Messiah, Jesus, and you.

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In this, our second issue, we journey back to Moses and G-d’s command to build a Tent of Meeting (Mishkan Ohel). Join us as we celebrate G-d’s purpose for the “Tabernacle,” and what it means in our lives today.

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In the inaugural issue, we focus on Shabbat. What does it mean and is it for Believers in Messiah Jesus today? We look at the Menorah and how it supports Shabbat and the Festival System. Finally, we discover how the seventh letter of the Hebrew Alphabet contains the elements and commands to celebrate Shabbat.

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